Krishna Janmashtami has been organized in ISKCON temple today

Krishna Janmashtami

Today, Bal Gopal’s birth anniversary is being organized in a very beautiful and grand form at ISKCON Janpath Canal Road Hero Homage from 6 pm today in the entire India and the whole world by the International Shri Krishna Consciousness Association ISKCON Janpath.

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Every temple of Krishna and Radha has been decorated like a bride. Devotees coming to the festival will feel the heavenly abode after coming to ISKCON Janpath. The program will start from 5 pm. 251 fortunate families will perform Panchamrit Abhishek of Lord Laddu Gopal with their own hands. Gauran Mani and group are coming to Ludhiana especially from USA for Mahasankirtan.

Krishna Janmashtami

After Maha Abhishek of Lord at 11:31 pm, Maha Aarti of Lord will be performed on the lines of Ganga at 12 o’clock. Fifty-six bhogs will be offered to the Lord. Under the coordination of Chairman Mahendra Goyal, member of Walk Talk Group Janpath, huge Bhandara Prasad will be distributed to all the devotees coming to the festival. Lord Laddu Gopal’s swing will be seen on the lines of Radha Vallabh temple of Vrindavan. Charanamrit of Mahabhishek will be offered to all the devotees present in the festival and will be distributed as Prasad.

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