Actor Danny Masterson is found guilty 2 out of 3 count of rape in ratial 

The Journy of sevan Women And Five men reached the verdict after deliberating for seven days spread over two weeks 

Masterson was led form the courtroom in handcuffs the 47 year old actor face up to 30 year in prison .

His wife actor and model Bijou Philips wept as he was led away other family and friend sat stone faced

Mastorson did not testify and his lawyears called no withness 

The Church of scientology played a signifincant role in the first trial but arguably an even large one in the secound .

founded in 1953 by L Ron Hubbarad the church of scientology has many members who work in hollywood.

the church vehemently denied having any policy that forbids member form going to secular authorities 

Testmony in this case was grafic and emotional 

Masterson was not charged with any count of drugging and there is no toxicology evidance to back up the assertion