Tornadoes kill three people and cause significant damage in a small Texas town.

In breaking news that should worry citizens of Texas's Rolling Plains

In the Rolling Plains region, tornadoes produced widespread power disruptions that affected 700 people.

In numerous locations, including Jayton, the storms allegedly produced softball-sized hail and wind gusts up to 100 mph (161 kph).

As the line of storms traveled in a southeasterly direction, tornado warnings were in effect for these areas.

TitlAccording to reports, a hamlet with 570 residents spread out over 70 kilometers, sustained the worst damage from these storms.e 2

According to Lubbock Fire Rescue, a crew had been sent to help with the damage and recovery.

As the line of storms proceeded toward the southeast, a fresh tornado warning was issued for Dickens and King counties.

Six days had passed since the last time there were three fatal tornadoes.

In the northern Texas Panhandle city of Perryton, a tornado caused 100 injuries.